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Florence, Italy

- Maria M

Florence, Italy was the most interesting place during my 11-day visit to Italy. As some people know, Florence is known for their leather making. My tour group participated in a leather making demonstration and we learned how to tell if it’s real leather or fake. A way to tell if it is made of real leather is the suede feeling that might poke out of the sewn part because it is so thick. Some people say that if you hold it to fire and move it back and forth it won’t burn. I hate to say this, but that method does not work. The reason why it didn’t burn was because you’re moving it back and forth quickly not because it is real leather. You could hold a lighter up to your hand and and move it back and forth it wouldn’t burn unless you hold the lighter still on one spot of your skin. Then it will burn. Leather is just made out of animal skin. It will burn. Putting a lighter up to leather is not the way to check and see if it is real. The best way to tell if it is real leather is the suede backing. Some places are tricky. They put real leather on a label, and yes the label might be real leather, but the jacket might not be real leather. Some people buy a leather smell and spray it on their products just to make you think that it is made of real leather. All of this is just to warn you that you might not be getting something that is made of real leather. In Florence, there are only 5 places that actually have products made of real leather so be cautious when you shop.



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