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Healing Thermal Hot Springs

- Briza

On my recent trip to visit family in Mexico, we got to visit the Aguas termales (hot springs), located near Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. The ranch is called San Carlos, where you can find many hot springs and campgrounds. My family and I enjoy our trips here because there is something relaxing about the hot thermal water. The water is known to have healing properties since it is enriched with minerals. On a side note, there is a distinct sulfur odor that comes from the hot springs, but once you are there for a bit, you get used to it.

There are many pools and watering holes, that resemble hot tubs, that vary in temperature. There is a large pool that is filled with warm water, this is the most occupied pool.

DSC03306 (1)

There is another large pool, however this particular one is filled with hot, HOT water. Imagine a pool sized hot tub with boiling hot water that is barely tolerable. This one was pretty much empty, for the most part. My grandfather decided to give it a try and withstood the hotness for about 5 minutes but once he got out, he said he felt relaxed.


On one far end of the campground, a medium sized pool with warm water is located. We preferred this pool because there was lots of shade, on the other two large pools, there was no shade to be found. The sun is pretty intense here, so make sure to bring sunblock!

There is a mud pit for those who want to try the natural exfoliations. Its something that we use to be silly and we had a great time!

If you are ever south of the border, don’t be afraid to explore the road less traveled.




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