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Where to get your ‘central perks’ in NYC

- Alex

 Everyone likes a classy coffee shop, right? However, if you’re like me, the sheer amount of New York coffee shops can at times seem almost overwhelming. I’ve explored neighborhoods, read copious amounts of Yelp reviews, have asked around, and I’m still always searching for new, hip, affordable cafes to spend time at. Living in the East Village, I am slightly biased to EV and Lower East Side coffee spots, so here are the top four coffee corners in my neighborhood.

1) Ciao for Now

Ciao for Now is an established family-owned café that has taken up residency in the vibrant East and West Village neighborhoods. Serving up the classic coffee and tea, Ciao also incorporates unique pastries, soups, stir-fries, and all-day breakfast items into their extensive menu. With ingredients that are always fresh, organic, local, and homemade, this quaint café feels more like one’s own kitchen than a café or restaurant. With frequent specials such as exceptional weekend brunch, this can either serve as a quiet reading spot or a family meal affair.

Must haves: Apple-oat scone, Ginger green tea.


2) The Bean

The Bean never fails to serve up not only delicious coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and smoothie treats, but also an incredibly unique and animated crowd. Customers at the Bean are truly one of a kind, just like the café itself. With three locations in the East Village as well as one in Brooklyn, one can come for a coffee and stay all day, or pick up a snack on their way to work. With funky drinks like the Espresso Chai or NutElla Fitzgerald and crazy snacks like their Eggroll wraps, your taste buds will never be bored at The Bean.

Must haves: Dirty Chai, Kale smoothie


3) Think Coffee

THINKing about coffee that is more than just a hot steaming cup of ground beans? At Think Coffee, fair trade and community giving are top concerns at all New York locations. From Central American farming projects, to percentages of profit that are donated to local organizations, Think is highly aware of their role in global and local communities in need. Not to mention, they have a pretty sweet coffee blend to boot! Whether you’re in the mood for a decorated latte and a corner for some reading time or want to spend the day working on a laptop, this café will really help you think with its large menu and large awareness.

Must haves: Think Blend iced coffee, Grilled Cheese



4) Birch Coffee

Looking for good coffee, great food, and a chill vibe? Look no further than Birch Coffee! Priding themselves on their inventive blend of craft coffee and community involvement, Birch is becoming a staple in its various locales (which are all outside of the East Village, but they were too good to not include in this list!) With cozy atmospheres, bold coffee flavors, and out-of-this-world-good food, Birch has something for anybody looking for a classic coffee hangout.

Must haves: Egg-goat cheese-arugula breakfast sandwich, Birch blend coffee (hot or iced)


The good news? This only scratches the surface of all of the great coffee and tea in NYC. So what are you waiting for coffee-lovers, get out there and explore!





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