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The Exploratorium!

- Briza

San Francisco has so much to offer, its impossible to do it all in one trip. I’ve already talked about Fisherman’s Wharf, a very popular touristic place to go, but there are so many other things on the piers like on Pier 15/17.




The Exploratorium is an amazing museum filled with interactive exhibits. There are fun filled activities and projects that help teach kids (this isn’t all for kids, I’ve seen adults that had lots of fun playing with the stations, not to mention myself) about astronomy, our planet, the human body, culture, etc. using their five senses. This place is perfect for those days when you are trying to escape the rare heat of the sun or the chilly weather in San Francisco.



My favorite part of the whole museum was this spinning chair. There was a little plaque next to the chair that stated that you are less dizzy when your head is down than head up. All you had to do was sit in the chair and press the button to start spinning and keep your head down and then try it with your head up. You notice the difference right away!



This was my sister’s favorite exhibit. It’s a toilet water fountain. Psychologically, for a lot of people it is nearly impossible for them to drink out of this toilet, not for the little kids though. We all took turns drinking out of this toilet fountain.



The “Mood Lighting” , as we call it, was interesting. Does color really affect your mood? While the colors change on this bulb you feel different with each color. It really does work!

For more information on tickets and other exhibits, be sure to check out the Exploratorium’s official website. This is one of my favorite museums in San Francisco. I love how interactive it is because at most museums you aren’t allowed to touch anything, but this one is made for you to discover at your own fingertips. I can’t wait to go back and check out the new exhibits!





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