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Family Vacation NOT Facebook Worthy?!

- Caroline

My family of four – made up of my mom, dad, younger sister, and myself – have held a tradition of taking a family vacation every year during our spring break. My sister and I had the time off from school, my parents would take vacation time off from work, and we’d set off to explore new land. You’ve heard this story before – Chevy Chase does a fabulous job bringing laughter to this classic tale in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

Our family photo album is filled with photos like:


Parentals 78Summers at Cedar Point

Parentals 71 Adventures at Niagara Falls

Parentals 141Playing beach volley ball, or pretending!


But what’s missing in the family photo album are those “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m here with them right now” moments. Or what I call the Non-Facebook worthy moments. Like the time we waited 2 hours in line to cross the border back into the United States from Mexico. Or the time we all got a bad case of some stomach bug, and spent more hours in the hotel than we would have hoped. Or the time a truck had caused an accident on the highway, creating a backup of stopped traffic on the interstate for a few hours. These are the stories that were NOT FUN at the time of occurring. And during these panic or boring hours my family and I were not entertained.

These moments happen to most families (and if you have avoided a non-Facebook worth moment yourself, consider yourself lucky!). To the rest of you, I get it. And so does Luisa Frey, Travel expert and mother of two. She shares her family travel expertise in her e-book “Vacations with Teenagers: Connect with Your Young Adult Through Travel & Leisure”. In this easy-to-read E-book, you can learn how to avoid some classic dreaded situations, and make the most of your next family vacation. The book is also available on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle app.




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