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Monterey, California

- Briza

When you search for the top places to visit in California (using Google search), a list of points of interest in California pops up. This lists consists of some of the top destinations that are a must-see in California. One of my favorites is Monterey, California.


What does this city have to offer exactly?

You name it, Monterey has it! From a world-famous aquarium, the historical landmark of Cannery Row, the scenic Recreation Trail to Fisherman’s Wharf. There is something for everyone in the family.

The aquarium is absolutely amazing! Your younger siblings will enjoy seeing all of the marine animals and play with the interactive stations. The animals are beautiful and so active! You know how sometimes you go to the zoo and the animals are just laying around–doing nothing–in contrast, the marine animals love the attention!


Whale watching is another big touristic thing to do in Monterey. Depending on the season, there are killer whales, dolphins, humpbacks, blue whales, or gray whales. I love watching the whales give their audience a show as they flip their tail, because they obviously love the attention too!

The history behind Monterey is interesting. Cannery Row was where the sardines and whaling industry took place. It dates back to when the Asian, European, and Native American settlements started. There are many historical plaques in this area of Monterey where it explains the history. My parents were remembering how their grandparents used to eat the sardines from the company back in the day in Mexico.


The parks and beaches here are also worth seeing as well. If you get a chance to visit the city I would recommend renting a surrey bike and touring the Recreation Trail (its an 18 mile trail, we only did about 2 miles of this path).

DSC01588Don’t forget to bring a sweater, it does get kind of chilly! There is a YouTube video that is all about the top attractions in Monterey, it pretty much summarizes what I explained here. There is so much to do in Monterey, I really can’t wait to go whale watching again!





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