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All-American Summer Fun!

- Briza

A huge part of being in my family involves BASEBALL! My whole family lives and breathes for the sport. My grandpa has been an Oakland A’s fan since he was probably in his mommy’s tummy and he has passed it on to every single person in his family. For our trips as a family, we usually end up going on the Bart (the bay area’s subway station) and going to a game.

This past time, however, we did something we had never done before. As an anniversary gift, we decided to give my grandparents a whole new experience, with the whole family of course, so we reserved a suite/box! (I’m not really sure what to call the box area, but it was amazing).


As soon we reached our destination, we (all 13 of us!) went up the elevator into our own little (no I shouldn’t say little, BIG) box.

There was a butler/concierge giving us options as to what we wanted to drink and eat. There was a variety of things to eat but a big part of going to a baseball game is going down to the food court and getting the jumbo hot dogs and garlic fries. Yum.


Although I was the only teenager in the group, I still had lots of fun and the best part was the fireworks at the end of the night. Who doesn’t love fireworks?

Whether you are fortunate enough to be in a box seat or be in the midst of all the commotion, everyone should experience what it is like to be at a baseball game. It is the all-american pass time.




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