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Kayaking and Rafting While its still Warm!

- Lindsey M



Even though it is the end of September, the weather is still warm enough to get a good beach day or a rafting trip in! Over this past weekend, I took a trip to French town Nj to go white water rafting with a few friends. We were expecting the water to be really cold, but it was in the 80’s, so the water felt great! If you do not want to get wet on your river adventure, you can always rent a kayak where you will stay dry. This is a great time of year to get out on the water while the leaves are changing. There are many benefits to heading out during this season to raft, but the best advantage is there are less people there, giving you better prices and less of a wait to get to the bus that drives you to the river from the parking lot. If you get a chance to head out to the Delaware river, you will have your choice of companies to choose from. I have always used NJ River Rafting because there is a floating bbq at the halfway point of the river where lunch is included. Prices vary depending on the season, but you will get about 4 hours of entertainment for about $25 a person.




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