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Paddle Boating On Bear Mountain

- Lindsey M

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Bear Mountain New York is a great place to make a day trip whether with family or friends. Bear Mountain entertains many families with its affordable prices and beautiful scenery. For less than $20, you can paddle boat on their lake for an hour. Even if the water is not warm, you are still able to take the boats out, and can admire the leaves changing this time of year. Along with Paddle Boating, you can also bring a picnic lunch, or grill with the many grills placed all around the lake. You can also bring your bikes and ride around the lake or put on your sneakers and hike the trails of bear mountain. There are also many recreational fields for people to enjoy many different sports. I encourage you to take the drive out to bear mountain, because for a very low price, you can have a full days worth of fun!




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