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Creeks and Sandwiches in Oregon

- Hye Sung



A few weeks ago, a few friends and I decided to bike to Troutdale, Oregon, which is about 12 miles from my house in Portland. After an hour or so of biking, we reached the creek and spent the whole afternoon floating on the river, laying out in the sun, and fighting the fairly strong currents of the river. Though I brought some gatorade, a peanut butter sandwich, and rice crackers, I was famished, and therefore pretty cranky. Thankfully, I got an Italian soda, some amazing Oregon strawberry ice cream (Tillamook is slowly becoming one of my favorite ice cream brands), and a hot dog, and my crankiness was pushed back for about an hour. And then it struck again: it was time for dinner.


While biking back, we stopped at Shirley’s Tippy Canoe and I hesitantly got myself a Reuben sandwich. Now, I do not often get a Reuben outside of the New York metropolitan area because I have been disappointed too many times with Midwestern and Southern attempts at the Reuben. I am happy to say that I was beyond satisfied, and perhaps that was also because I was aggressively hungry, but I know what I tasted and it was good. It even reminded me a bit of home.

I didn’t have the energy to bike all the way back, so we waited fifteen minutes and took a bus directly into our neighborhood. It was hard to not be thankful for all the resources Portland has; with awesome food, an amazing transportation system, and so much to do… plus, the whole region is pretty beautiful. All that to say it’s not hard to have a perfect day in Portland.




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