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Baseball a la Mexicana

- Briza

Baseball is the all-American sport, right? I even made a whole article on that. However, it is also played in other places other than the good old United States. Over the summer, I had the chance to go to a baseball game in Mexico–specifically Tijuana. Los Toros de Tijuana were playing against Puebla.

This was a complete new experience. I have gone to many baseball games here in the US but never before in Mexico. My family and I thought this was going to be like any other baseball game, but we were wrong!


First off, my aunt had recommended that we bring noisemakers and horns. So we were prepared for making a ton of noise and cheering on for our team. The ones we had weren’t your typical noisemakers. We had our “metraca”:



Do not underestimate this small wooden object. This is the loudest thing ever! Everyone had one and whenever our team would score a home run, the crowd would go crazy with these!

Have you ever heard of cheerleaders for a baseball team? Well, that’s exactly what there is in Mexico. They danced, gave out candy, and took pictures with the audience. But what really caught our attention were the mascots! They were hilarious! They were dancing (Miley Cyrus style) and they were interacting with the audience so much! By far the best baseball mascots ever!

Las mascotas oficiales de Tijuana

And then there was the big screen… Our family (keep in mind there was a ton of us) were on the screen around 5 times. The cameramen were walking around trying to see who was dancing (they were playing really good music), being loud, or crazy. That basically described my family, so there we were.

This was the best baseball game ever! At the end, of course, there was a banda and a dance outside. It was pretty awesome and so much fun! I can’t wait to go back to another game!




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