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Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

- Briza

Over the holidays, my family decided to go to Las Vegas! We were there for only 3 days and had to stay an extra day just because of car trouble but it all turned out okay. Anyways, in case you didn’t know, I have a baby brother who is 2 years old and you would think Vegas is definitely not a place for kids…

There are lots of things to do besides go clubbing and gambling (as usually expected from Vegas).

Our family went out sightseeing, visiting all of the hotels, eating at delicious places, riding roller coasters, and watching water dance through the night.

The Golden Nugget was our home for those 3 days. It was very nice, the staff was very kind, and the pool was amazing! It was heated to about 85 degrees which was great since it was 40 degrees outside. My sister and I wanted to try out their slide that goes through the shark tank. It’s awesome! We were freezing afterwards but the experience was worth it!


This hotel isn’t located on the Strip (which is the most famous part of Las Vegas), its located in Downtown Las Vegas. The hotel is on Fremont Street which is the beginning part of the Fremont Street Experience.

2014-12-28 20.46.06


This block has everything from zip lining above the crowds, amazing restaurants, and some cool shows. The picture above shows how everything lights up. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING!


There was even a huge screen that stretched about a whole block that would have clips of little shows. They were really cool. In the picture above you can kind of see Minnie Mouse. There were a lot of characters like Dora, Olaf, Mickey Mouse, and the minions throughout the street. You could take pictures with them and tip them. Of course, they didn’t look the way they do in Disneyland, their faces were kind of weird, but they would interact with the people passing by.

One of the restaurants they had here was this one:


The Heart Attack Grill has the burger with the most calories in the world, adding up to about 10,000 calories! They actually having a scale so you could weigh yourself before you eat the burger and afterwards. They also make the people that eat there wear hospital gowns while you eat. The whole restaurant is set up like a hospital and the waitresses are nurses. The sign in the picture says over 350 lbs eats free. This restaurant is crazy! We didn’t enter the restaurant but seeing it from the outside was enough for us.


I loved how our hotel was right outside the Fremont Street Experience. Since we didn’t have a car because it stopped working, we were able to tour around and do everything right outside our hotel. There were so many other things we could have done. It’s impossible to do it all in one trip!




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