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Journey Through the Beauty of the Earth

- Joshua Goldstein


My view from the airplane window!

Whether this appeals to frequent flyers or first time airplane travelers, airplanes are indeed the best way to get from place to place (that is within at least a 200 mile radius or you would spend more time in the airport than actually in the air!). I am now embarking on my Christmas break vacation all the way back to China, stopping for two hours in Tokyo Japan. During the journey, I am a big picture fanatic— I take about 100 photos of just the airplane ride itself! However, this one photo above can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The beauty of the mountains reveal a great deal about Earth’s natural wonders and outstanding capabilities, whether it is from the sky above or at the ground below! Also, the complexity of the sky is enthralling in that there is a conspicuous “line” between the clouds and blue sky, making the site feel like a peaceful escape into fantasy! Even if you hate long distance flights, make sure to find some happiness when you gaze out into the far distance and find peace and tranquility with the environment above and below!




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