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New Year, New Goal – to Walk!

- Caroline

I love walking and find it a great way to get some exercise outdoors. I recently discovered a list of the 10 ten cities in the United States that are deemed the “most walkable” for 2014. Of the top 10 I’ve only adventured to 3 – but I can definitely see why they made the list. If you enjoy cities,  don’t mind leaving your car in the hotel parking lot, and want to get more WALKING out of your boots, look into visiting these cities:

Chicago Walking

#10 Baltimore, MD

#9 Oakland, CA

#8 Seattle, WA

#7 WASHINGTON DC The last time I was in DC was about 7 years ago, and looking back all I can remember doing was walking and walking! The city is always busy and packed with cars, driving seemed to take forever. We walked to different monuments that are must sees, such as the Jefferson Memorial. Other than that walking around the city was more difficult than other cities. Streets didn’t seem to have a simple pattern to follow, resulting in my family getting lost a couple times.

#6 CHICAGO, IL. Chicago holds a dear spot in my heart because it reminds me a faster pace than Cleveland (where I live). The city is buzzing constantly and has a convenient L-train throughout the city for people to ride throughout the city. The streets are easy to navigate because numbered streets intersect state names – the most famous being Michigan or the “Magnificant Mile”

#5 Miami, FL

#4 Philadelphia, PA

#3 Boston, MA

#2 San Franciso, CA

#1 NEW YORK CITY, NY. Winning the number one spot, I couldn’t imagine any other city to hold that title. I wouldn’t suggest trying to drive in the city. With hundreds of thousands people packing the town, it’s hard to move around. Traffic always seems to be difficult and subways are always crowded. Walking blocks away goes by fast because there’s plenty to see along the way. It’s also pretty easy to navigate your way through town since streets and avenues intersect in a basic pattern.

Check out where your city falls, see here.  Cleveland, OH was ranked #16. Or if you’ve visited any of the top ten above, leave a comment sharing more.




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