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What is this HASH HOUSE you speak of?

- Briza

My cousins who go to Vegas a lot, were raving about this Hash House. What is this Hash House, you may ask? Let me just tell you IHOP and Denny’s don’t even compare to this amazing HASH HOUSE! Clearly a lot of other people were thinking that, so we had to wait in line for about 45 minutes so I recommend getting there early.



I love their slogan: Twisted Farm Food. Inside the restaurant, they have little touches of being on a farm, its really cute.

Anyway, once we sat down and got the menus, we noticed every single item looked delicious! Our amazing server recommended the Basic which basically gave each of us what we wanted. You can view their menu on their website. My mom was worried that the adult plates were too expensive, but really the portions they give you, fill you up.

My sister ordered a Chocolate Chip pancake and this is what she got for only $3.95:


It was huge! She was barely able to finish it, but she said it was delicious!

Now, onto the adult plates only for $7.95:

I got the Basic which came with eggs, choice of bacon or sausage, choice of biscuit or toast, potatoes, and fruit. The biscuit tasted like heaven, especially with their homemade jam and butter they gave us! It was so yummy, even the cantaloupe was perfect! After I finished eating everything, I don’t think I was hungry till dinner time! (Granted we did have breakfast around 11 in the morning.)

So, since we stayed in Las Vegas for an extra day due to car issues, we were walking around our hotel the next morning and found another Hash House inside the Plaza hotel! Yay!


My grandpa had his food served in a skillet and it smelled so yummy. I believe he got the chorizo with jalapeno breakfast.

The only down side to the restaurant is that there are very few locations. There are 3 in Las Vegas, one in San Diego, a couple in Orlando, Florida, one in Chicago, and one in Connecticut. For my family and I, we will, unfortunately, visit the Hash House on vacations to those locations. If you are in any of these locations, I definitely recommend stopping for either breakfast or lunch!




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