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Travel Rule 1: Travel Often

- Anna

Rule 1. Travel Often

Hallo there everyone! Currently, I am on a coach bus driving eight hours to Nashville. Last weekend, I was in Arizona for a college audition, and the week before I was in Indiana for another college event. I literally haven’t had a weekend at home with my puppy since before Christmas break, and won’t have one until Spring Break! While most people would hate this and wonder why I’m driving myself insane, there are the few who understand the love of travel, or the fact that colleges won’t take a recorded audition…

This brings me to my first travel rule: Travel Often. Maybe not as often as I am right now, but that’s okay. Even if it’s go to a new town outside of your normal area, it’s still considered traveling. Travel is not about where you go, it’s the adventure of it. There are still areas of the Windy City that I’ve never been to (partly because those are scary areas, that’s another story). One rainy day I’ll just hop on the train downtown and explore those areas, or take my car (A 2006 Passat named Fran) and go explore Illinois corn fields. That’s the cool thing about my travel, I’m lucky enough that my family can go on adventures to Australia or Costa Rica, but I still love exploring my town and towns around me. And you should too.

Go forth my wanderlust friends!


Audition map

9 weeks, 11 states…who knew being a music major was tough?



PS. I actually wrote this post almost a year ago. Things got really hectic, and now I live in Kansas….I’ll still travel, and hopefully be able to write and tell you about the rules. I just want to apologize for not keeping up with things. But on the bright side, all of that weekend travel I did last year (every weekend from December to March) has earned me lots of airline miles, which brings up a side rule. SAVE AIRLINE MILES!!! You can use them for quick trips to visit friends or family, or use them to go exploring on a weekend. It also makes life a little cheaper when booking airfare/hotels. I personally like American, because I have the most miles with them (and also flights from Kansas City to Chicago run every hour and are cheap) but Southwest and United tend to have good deals too!




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