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So Many Things to do in Vegas…

- Briza

We were only in Vegas for 3 days, yet there was so much to do. What did we decide to do?

Since it was my first time in Vegas in years we traveled to the most touristy places. We weren’t staying on the Strip so we drove there first. There were so many people for New Years, it was insane! Anyway, we took pictures of the famous Eiffel Tower.


I’m very proud of this picture, one of few photographer-type-pictures. We then went to the Bellagio. This hotel is GORGEOUS! So fancy and luxurious.


The real reason we were standing there was for this:


Every 15-30 minutes there’s a fountain show. It’s so cute and well worth the couple minutes it lasts. Next, we went to Caeser’s Palace. This hotel is even MORE BEAUTIFUL! Out of all of the hotels, this was my favorite! So luxurious, and there are so many stores in there! I think I could have stayed there forever.

The next, day we went to the famous roller coaster: New York, New York.


It was only $14 per person, but we had coupons from our hotel, so we got them for $7 each! My sister and I climbed on and it was so much fun! It was freezing, around 40 degrees and with the breeze blowing in your face, our faces were numb!

That same day, we went back to our hotel and despite it being in the low 40s, my sister and I wanted to try the water slide that goes through the shark tank.


The pool was heated so we were able to withstand the cold when we were inside. We were able to cross that off our bucket list.

Another thing we were able to cross off our bucket list was to try Earl of Sandwich! Delicious!


We ordered the a sandwich with bacon that I can’t remember what it was called, but I remember how it warmed me up! There are only a selected few throughout the country, some of which are in Downtown Disney in Disneyland and Disney World. We had heard everybody talking about this restaurant and we were expecting something amazing, and it definitely met the standards.

Can’t wait to go back to cross off more things from our bucket list. We still have the Stratosphere to visit, see the original Las Vegas sign, see a Circus de Soleil show, visit the Mandalay Bay Aquarium, and have dinner in the sky (the Stratosphere).




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