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Travel Rule #2: Traveling with Family can be fun (no seriously)

- Anna

costa rica

(How I wish I was there right now…)

Hi all!

My family travels a lot. My dad is from Peru and my mom is from Canada (how they met or where I come in is still a mystery). We have family in almost every continent except for Asia and Australia, so traveling is kind of a necessity over the holidays. We have this tradition of having a warm Christmas, and a cold Christmas. For a cold Christmas, we either stay in Chicago or go to the boonies of Canada (limited wifi…) to visit my Grandpa for Christmas. A warm Christmas comes next year, and this is the time when we travel. Last year, we went to Costa Rica and sat by the beach while it was -15F outside. I came back to school with a tan (okay sunburn)…My family has become much closer this way. Sure, there are times where we want to rip each other’s eyeballs out in the middle of the airport because someone ate the last poptart, but we always make up.  There are so many stories I could tell you, but that would make this post too long.

Another aspect of family is your friends. I go to school 8 hours away from home. It’s hard being without my family, so my friends have taken place. We’ve all become so close, and we’re always going on adventures. Take Friday night for example. A group of us decided to go to a bigger town about an hour from where we live so we could go extreme trampolining. The place was closed, so we just drove around the town. At a red light, I scream “Chinese Fire Drill!” For those of you who don’t know, a Chinese fire drill is when you are sitting in a car and then you have to jump out and get in a new seat.  Well, my roommate lost her phone that night in the middle of the intersection. We didn’t find out until we were back on campus, around 11:30 at night. So we drove back… and had fun the entire way. Did I mention that they are also slightly illegal and I don’t condone it?

So in short (or long), traveling with family can be fun. Whether it’s your biological, adopted, or friends that strike resemblances to your mother, if you travel with them, you will find adventure and fun in everything.

Go forth my wanderlust friends!








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