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Pinball Hall of Fame

- Caroline

Because there is such a place! Outside of Las Vegas, NV is a warehouse type building, not eye catching from the outside, but walk inside and you are step by in time before PlayStation, Xbox 360, and the Wii.

Whack a Mole

Have you ever stepped inside an arcade? You might see Dance Dance Revolution and a basketball hoop that will move once you swipe an access card. However, years ago, arcades were filled with pinball machines. This is a world where games were played in a physical ball and physical machine. No HD graphics, no computer systems. Just a spring, a ball, and maybe some flickers on the side. The goal: to get the ball to bounce throughout the machine hitting specific walls and stumps to gain points.

Outside PinballPinball inside

Outside Las Vegas, NV, on our way to the airport we were able to pop in and get a glimpse of pinball games over time. Including one of my life long favorites: Whack-A-Mole. Where you hit the “mole” that always looked more like an alligator when it sneaks out of its hole. The Pinball Hall of Fame is filled wall to wall, corner to corner, with old school games of this nature. Gamers of all agers were putting quarters (yes actual quarters, not credit cards!) into machines and testing their skills.




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