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Being a Hamster for a Couple of Minutes.

- Briza

It’s been on the bucket list forever, and last summer I was finally able to cross it off. These hamster balls can be found at county fairs, state fairs, farmer’s markets, etc. Some simply laugh at those inside and think it is only for little kids. Well, my family and I are living proof that that assumption is completely wrong…


Keep in mind, that it was summer, it was hot in there! Note: for those that may be claustrophobic, this is not recommended.


It is very difficult to stand up. But it’s fun trying! So what they do is basically put you in a plastic ball that they inflate. It looks like this:


And then they push you into the gigantic pool where others are trying to get up and move your ball and have you fall.

I’m glad I got to do this, and it was only $8 a person (at least where I was at).

There were adults (I’m talking 29 year olds in here stumbling and balancing) their way to trying to stand up. It’s really entertaining to watch.

Believe it or not, this was a workout. You definitely sweat in there! The next day I wasn’t sure if I was sore because of all the moving around in the ball or because of how hard I was laughing!




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