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New York, New York – on the West Coast

- Caroline

We all know and love the giant East Coast city of New York, NYC. So much so, that Vegas has a hotel themed after the big apple. New York, New York is a hotel on the end of the famous strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Like all of the hotels on the strip, the theme doesn’t just stop at the name. New York, New York recreates the famous city sky line of tall buildings for the exterior of hotel, with the Statue of Liberty front and center. You’ll notice a roller coaster (think Cooney Island) is in the mix of the concrete jungle. Yes, the coaster is real and guests can ride for a small fee.

New York New York

One never has to leave their New York, New York hotel with so much to do inside! Live entertainment including “Zumanity” from Cirque Du Soleil. The sweet smell of chocolate filled the air when you walked into the Hershey’s store. And you can not go hungry with food chooses that range from a pizzeria, to a fancy Steak House and everything in-between (including an all American small diner).

Of course in Vegas, the tourists are attractive to the casino, and New York, New York is no different. If testing your luck at a slot machine or maybe roulette table is more your speed, they have that available too. Staying at New York, New York in Las Vegas, Nevada brought some East Coast hustle and bustle to our West Coast vacation.




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