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New York on a High School Budget

- Briza

New York: The city that never sleeps.

There is always something going on. Parties, events, shows, plays, concerts, etc. As a tourist, it’s impossible to do everything in one trip. Much less do it on a student budget. Everything is so expensive! Here are my top 3 tips for doing New York on a budget.

          1. Top of the Rock. There’s no need to pay the $60 to go on the Empire State Building, when you can pay half ($30 for adults) to visit the Rockefeller Center. You get an amazing view and are able to see everything from Times Square, the teeny Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center, etc. You also get the best picture ever (of course you have to pay extra, but its so worth it). 

top of the rock

       2. Stay at the YMCA in Harlem. For a cheap place to sleep at night, this is the place to go. If you are traveling on a budget, $90 a night is not bad compared to the $230 a night. Depending on getting a standard sized room or a double, the prices will change. However, the YMCA includes a pool, gym access, and more. The only catch is having to share 4 bathrooms per floor. It wasn’t too bad but it was definitely good enough for 13 students on a budget.



3. Use the subway and buses! Maybe this is a given, but a MetroCard can be used on subways and buses! I didn’t know this. Using this pass, you can get practically anywhere in New York using these two transportation systems. The fare for one ride is $2.75. If you are going to be using the subway and buses, it would be worth it to buy a 7-day pass. Taxis are really expensive, the subway and buses are the way to get around on a budget.



It’s impossible to do everything in New York. But not doing everything in New York this first time around, means that we just have to come again, right?




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