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Touring Colleges 101

- Briza

It’s getting near that time where you have to apply for colleges, do you know what school you want to go to? Have you ever visited the campus? Do you know what you want to major in? All of these major questions are surging but something that can help is visiting universities and colleges.

Recently I had the opportunity to go on an east coast college trip where we toured 12 schools. These schools included University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Fordham, NYU, Columbia, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, Tufts, Harvard, and M.I.T. Each of these schools had an Informational Session where if you wanted to before the tour, you could ask questions to students that currently attend the school and ask about the application process, dorms, etc.

The tours consisted walking through model dorms, food court/cafeteria, model classrooms, and the amazing libraries! My favorite was the Boston University library because it was so impressive the way they had so many dedicated sections for a variety of historical figures, deceased celebrities, and famous authors. Another library at a college was 52 miles! The size of these libraries were immense, very impressive.


My favorite part of each tour was the traditions part. Each college/university has their own tradition or custom that every student does. For some it’s painting a cannon at midnight in Tufts. Others its throwing toast at a football game like in University of Pennsylvania.



Make sure to take the time to ask any questions you have to your tour guide or in the information session, they will be more than happy to answer any questions. You can just tell how passionate and happy they are about their school, so they actually enjoy answering questions about their home.

Touring colleges really helped open my eyes as to what it is to be a college student and the college life. I believe everyone should check it out before they apply to a school to make sure that is exactly what they want.




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