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Inspiration from Pinterest: Travel Gifts

- Briza

Pinterest: the website where I can spend hours and hours on, other than Tumblr. This month I figured I would feature a few of my favorite pins that have to do with my traveling obsession. Basically, it has to do when you aren’t traveling but still want that feel. Maybe you want to decorate your room sharing all of your travel experiences, or selecting a gift for a lover of traveling the world, or maybe you like wearing something with maps. Let’s begin.

Map socks, anyone?


These socks are pretty cool, if you get lost, you might be able to find your way with your socks. The link for these are here.

For those hot summer days when you wish you were somewhere on a tropical beach, but you are really running through your sprinklers at home. This is the bathing suit that can transport you to your dream destination spot.

For girls:


And for the guys:


Perhaps a pillow of your ticket stub or photo from your favorite vacation:


You can head over to Kinkos or Staples and ask for your ticket stub to be blown up. Then you can print out that large ticket stub onto a fabric transfer and make a pillow! This is a cute gift idea!

For those who love reading and are in need of a new bookshelf:


A vintage map iPhone case:


Who wouldn’t want Eiffel Tower scissors, it would certainly be an eye full, right? Sorry, bad joke.


If you or you know someone who loves camping, you should definitely get yourself or them this ultimate sleeping bag:


The Point It book is genius! For when you are in a foreign country and have no idea how to say a word, you can simply take out your handy book, choose from the 1300 pictures, and point to it!


You can buy it on Amazon for only $8.77!

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