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Yosemite, California

- Briza

Yosemite is expected to constantly have breathtaking waterfalls and mirror-reflecting lakes. However, if you happen to visit towards the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, you may find yourself to be in a dry lake. Everything is dry. Don’t get me wrong, Yosemite is still gorgeous. But you won’t be finding those famous waterfalls or those postcard pictures of the mountain being reflected on Mirror Lake.
I went to visit Yosemite last weekend, and this was just the case.
2015-10-13 16.31.39
​The drought in California has affected the amount of water to be found. Although it is ​normal at this time of the year to find Yosemite dry, it is extremely depressing when spotting that this drought will make the affect of the dry land last longer.
Although Yosemite was dry, it was still spectacular and majestic as always!
The Mirror Lake is currently dried up and we expected to see at least some water. We thought it would be at least a bit of a shallow lake, but we came to the realization that it was only a little, tiny pond. This pond was nothing where we could swim in so we decided to head towards Merced River. Here, the water was still shallow, but it was up to our waist at least. The bottom of the river was with rocks and it was very slippery. However, we really wanted to swim so we were squatting in the water in order for our body to be all the way inside the water.
The above picture is Mirror Lake and looking at the rock, you can see where the water is usually at.
Obviously, we were on the lookout for deer on this entire trip, and we ended up seeing a family. But, of course, I was excited and as I was taking pictures, I couldn’t calm myself, so all of my pictures came out blurry.
This trip really changed my perspective on the drought, since I got to see it first-hand. I believe that everyone can make a difference in this world. I encourage everyone to take caution with their consumption of water. Everyone, even teenagers and children, can do their part in this conservation by taking shorter showers, only turning on the sprinklers certain days, making sure the washer is filled to the maximum limit, and n0t letting the water run excessively when washing the dishes. Everyone plays a role in saving our planet. These are just a few ways to help save our planet.
You can find my other article about Yosemite, pre-drought, here.



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