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Apple Hill, California

- Briza

Autumn, in my opinion, is my favorite time of the year. With the autumn colors and weather, I enjoy being outside. Apple Hill located near Placerville, California. It  is the Instagram/Tumblr place to take fall pictures.
Apple Hill stretches over 50 farms filled with bakeries, apple farms, Christmas tree farms, wineries and breweries. The first ranch we went to was O’Halloran’s Apple Trail Ranch. There are Christmas trees that you can cut yourself, apples you can buy, apple cider, applesauce. It is the cutest little store ever with cute decorations!
My favorite spot is, without a doubt, the Fudge Factory. There is a variety of fudge, even apple pie! Fudge Factory is in the same area as High Hill Ranch, where you can buy an unbaked or baked pies (apple and pumpkin), caramel apples, ciders, and wines. There’s so much to do for the entire family! You will not be disappointed when you have fudge in one hand and a caramel apple in the other!
People can also fish (without a fish license) as a family at the famous trout pond. I recommend bringing either tennis shoes or boots because when we went, it was very muddy. The weather is chilly so bring layers, but to be honest, it completes the entire fall look when you take photos.
Pony rides are also an option for little kids.
But the best part are the pictures you get. The scenery there is beautiful! My favorite picture are the ones with the gorgeous trees.
Apple Hill



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