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Pit Stops in South Dakota

- Kayla Grunstein




South Dakota is beautiful especially if you have been locked in a box for three days! My family of five headed west in a camper van (aka “the box”) equipped with all necessities. After 72 hours of television, fighting, and more television our dad finally let us out of the tin box on wheels. We got to stretch our legs and see Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. I used to think South Dakota is boring but all I knew of it was Mount Rushmore. After our pit stop there I realized South Dakota was much more than just Mount Rushmore.


The Corn Palace is literaly covered in corn. In South Dakota corn is a big deal, so big they made a palace as a tribute to their love of corn! As you walk through the corn palace you can see a timeline of the palace as well as a short film. After the film, something you might want to do is see the gift shop because they have everything related to corn.


Mount Rushmore is the biggest tourist attraction in South Dakota. Mount Rushmore has the faces of some of our greatest presidents carved into a giant bolder. It is so big you can see it from the parking lot.

The Badlands are not so bad after all! Badlands National Park is one of the most beautiful National Parks in South Dakota; between the valleys and tall mountains you can’t go wrong. Even though it is 90 degrees you can enjoy climbing on rocks or hiking one of the many hikes. Just make sure to watch out for the rattlesnakes!




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