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the beauty of Montana

- Kayla Grunstein


       Going to Montana is like vacationing in a postcard. Once we arrived in Montana we went on a two day rafting trip with Montana Glacier Guides. Our views were absolutely beautiful!. At night we camped right off the shore and early morning we got right back on the raft. As we rafted down the Flathead River we came to many rapids. For example, the rapids were called Pinball, Bone Crusher, Jaw, and Toilet Bowl! We had an amazing time and it really was a once in lifetime experience.

       After camping next to the river we stayed at a hotel in Whitefish,Montana. It was the cutest town and just outside of town there is more than 1,000 acres of just cherry trees. They were the best cherries I have ever had. They were sweet and huge. After a our day of picking cherries, we had 15 pounds of cherries!
         The next day we went to the most famous national park in Montana: Glacier National Park. The park has over five amazing lakes and a huge variety of hikes ranging from easy to difficult. One of the hikes we went on was about five miles long. It was uphill and hard but it was worth it  because it led us to the most amazing lake. One of the lakes in the park is Avalanche Lake. Glacier National Park was spectacular since each mountain was perfectly snowcapped.



After a few miles into the park, we reached Lake Mcdonald which is a picture perfect spot. Near Lake Mcdonald there is a tent and RV camp site which is just a short walk from the lake. Here we rented stand up paddle boards, kayaks, and motorboats. The water was a little cold but it was still fun. While we boated and we stared at the beautiful mountains. Some of the things we passed as we climbed and hiked are Saint Mary Lake, Red Eagle River and Logan’s Pass.



         If you are not a hiker then try driving to the sun road. It is just as beautiful as any of the hikes and it covers most of the park.The drive is about three hours long but do feel free to turn around at any time.


Towards the end of the drive we encountered the continental divide which runs along the mountain tops. Every few miles on the drive there was a great lookout point to spot some wildlife and take pictures. We saw a lot of wildlife including mountain goats, elk, bighorn sheep, and bears. But remember don’t feed the bears since it might turn out bad for you and the bear!

      Whitefish is a town just 20 minutes from Glacier National park so we decided to stay in town for the weekend. Just our luck, Whitefish was the cutest little town! Every few steps was picturesque, charming and warm.

        While Montana might not have the largest population, surprisingly, most locals like it that way as the serene surrounding and the abundant wildlife are all they need to keep them company.




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