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- Kayla Grunstein


During our visit to Yellowstone National park we stayed at a campsite called Under Canvas. What was interesting about it was that our house was a teepee. There weren’t any real beds so we slept on cots. Another cool thing was that the campsite was only few miles away from the National Park. The campsite was a glamorous camping experience, otherwise known as glamping. It was as comfortable as camping can get , it was still in the outdoors –and s unfortunately it was freezing! Also at night it always rained extremely hard. In the morning when we walked outside we saw that the rain froze, and this was in July!

     Yellowstone itself  is loaded with wildlife but sadly the best time to see animals is early in the morning or late at night. Our first day in the park we didn’t find much wildlife but on our second day we woke up at five in the morning and and went straight for the park so we saw more animals than ever. On Thursday morning as we were driving in the park we hit a huge traffic jam. We sat there wondering what was causing the traffic. Once we got closer we realized it was a herd of bison crossing the road. At first it was kinda scary because they are enormous animals. Their head itself weighs 200 pounds! But then I realized that this was something I would never see in a normal day and started to appreciate it. They were just chilling, without a care in the world. It was extraordinary!


One of the days in the park we went to see all the geysers.  We were lucky enough to see two geysers in action – the most famous, of course is old faithful which goes off every two hours or so.  Many people are not aware that there are several other cool geysers which also predictably go off at different intervals. The geysers were incredibly cool and I was very glad to be able to see it. I highly recommend renting bikes around the geysers and riding down beside the boardwalk to view each geyser. The ride from geyser to geyser is pretty short so we went on another small ride in the forest.


Our next day we went horseback riding in the Lamar Valley, it was fun and we were able to see the beauty of the park from that high. The great part of the Lamar valley is that there are probably more bison than people in the Lamar  Valley.  We saw  hundreds on our ride in the car and on the horse. One of our tour guides told us that only 5% of people that enter there get off the main roads .It’s really sad, because most of Yellowstone’s beauty is off the main road. So we decided to take a hike to a wonderful waterfall.


After a couple of days in Yellowstone we drove down to Grand Teton Nation Park. The most spectacular part of Teton Park, besides the gorgeous mountains, is Jenny Lake. We decided to  kayak on the lake. It was so relaxing and we felt like we were on the cover of a postcard.  


We kayaked to a small beach and went fishing. Later that night we stayed in Jenny Lake Lodge which gave us bikes to ride around the lake. Then the next day we went horseback riding in Teton and it was gorgeous. We got to see the spectacular views that we could not have seen if we were hiking. After an exhausting week we relaxed in Jackson village for the weekend.

On Sunday we went tubing down a natural river that went around our hotel. It was cold but fun. It’s ten minutes from Jackson in Teton Village. In the winter it is a ski village and in the summer it has a huge mountain bike track, trampoline bungee jumping, ropes course and rock climbing.

Our trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton was filled with ups and downs, mostly ups and was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I really recommend going with your family; you will make memories that will last a lifetime.





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