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Sakura Sunday is coming!

- Eddy Bran

I noticed a few Cherry Blossoms; blooming, pink, alive. I was and am thankful. It’s officially Spring. And not only that – Sakura Sunday is coming. I feel it all around.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 12.12.07 AM

Sakura Sunday is the climax of Philadelphia’s Cherry Blossom Festival. (Or, more formally, Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival.) On the last day of the Festival, there is Sakura Sunday (April 9th). There are live taiko drumming performances, J-pop cover bands, martial art and tea ceremony demonstrations, an area secured for cosplay, and all-things-Japan – which definitely includes food. Lots of good Japanese food.

Tickets are $15 per but free to children (12 and under). Your ticket also earns you tour at the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden!

I’ve been before, and it’s always beautiful, fun, and super delicious. I can’t say I’m all that knowledgeable of Japanese culture, but I learned some basic origami last year, ate 2 bowls of curry, and was immersed in the world of cosplay. It was an experience. And you know what – it was a good one.





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