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Diving Into Seaworld

- Yuvia Aispuro

You’ve heard of Disneyland, right?  Disneyland is a place where magic and dreams come true, but Seaworld lets you learn about a whole new world under the sea!  Seaworld makes learning fun and has some pretty cool rides too.  This was my first time going to the Seaworld in San Diego and I have never been to anything like it.  I have got to say, I was impressed, I was expecting just some goldfish in a tank and rides that went in circles, but what I got was way more.


For those roller coaster lovers they had the new Manta ride that takes you on the journey of a ray.


Manta ride


Did I mention it launches you? Twice!


If you’re not a big fan of roller coasters, but still like a ride or two, don’t worry.  Just go on this cool flight simulator that gives the thrill of a roller coaster without feeling those big drops!

Wild Arctic Flight Simulator


Don’t feel like getting on any rides, no need to worry!  Seaworld is known for their awesome shows and animal encounters.  Go watch the classic Dolphin Presentation or go to the Explorer’s Reef that allows you to touch a variety of fish.


The Explorer’s Reef

Me and my brother trying to touch the fish.


Seaworld has something for everyone.  There are so many options that you’re going to need more than a day because I already want to go back. Let’s not forget that there are new rides coming this summer which is another reason to go!  Just go.





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