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Have you noticed there’s no other place for teenagers to talk about travel?

Here you can read what other teenagers have to say about travel – from day trips to journeys abroad, shopping, eating, coasting, and other activities on vacation. Also, parents can read what teenagers like and dislike about family vacations and destinations so that they can plan a family trip that YOU will enjoy.


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Hopeful at the Detroit Historical Museum


Last week, after a delicious brunch at the Woodbridge Pub and running some errands, I found myself in downtown Detroit with time on my hands before I had to get back to work. I didn’t feel like spending more money nor did I just want to sit around. I desperately texted a local friend begging for help, “What is there to do FOR FREE?!” Almost immediately, she simply responded, “Try the Detroit Historical Museum.” I looked it up, found out I was three or so blocks away, and made my way down there.

I am not super into museums unless they are free, to be honest, and even that does not mean I will necessarily be interested. Detroit, though, is fascinating. The history of this city is a lot of things. It prospered because of the city’s ability to dream, much fostered by the presence of automobile industry, but was torn down time after time by racism and corrupt politics. This city was built on innovation and prosperity, but tragedy has made its way into this city even more often with poverty and oppression.
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And yet people still have hope. People still believe that Detroit will make a comeback. It is in the air. People are excited. Something big is going to happen to Detroit. Something good. And all these years this city has endured rotting away, with thousands of homes and buildings abandoned, will not be without redemption.
Though much of America has forgotten Detroit’s history, Detroit hasn’t. And they will not. It is what drives them forward to believe that Detroit has hope and will come back to life.
This is why I enjoyed this museum.It is a simple building with two floors open to the public, but packed with a story. This museum does not simply exist as a memorial, but something to drive society forward. In preserving the memories of the past, people can believe that something beautiful can come out of nothing. In fact, the city’s motto was declared in the early 1800s after most of the settlement was destroyed by a fire: “Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus”, or “We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes”.
At the Detroit Historical Museum, you will find out the history of the automobile industry in Detroit, which once fueled this city. You will learn about the underground railroad that made its way through Detroit, with slaves crossing Lake St. Claire for freedom in Canada. You will go through an exhibit that tells the story of how this land, once deemed uninhabitable, became America’s ‘Motor City’. The stories of many of Detroit’s historical neighborhoods are revealed, with accounts of individual businesses founded by excited and hard-working immigrants, and how some are still going strong after 70-90 years despite what has become of Detroit. The Prohibition, the Depression, the World Wars, the race riots, and the collapse of the motor industry have uniquely affected and molded this city, and this museum clearly reveals much of this.
And somehow, you walk out of the museum with hope. It brings you into the heart and mind of many Detroiters. You know how Detroit has had both extreme ups and extreme downs, and you can’t help but believe that from such a low, things can only get better. And maybe even great.

These Actually Exist?


When you’re traveling the world you always need a place to sleep or rest, the majority of travelers rent a hotel, cabin, suite, etc. The standard hotel is just a tall building with many windows, balconies, your basic pool, and lobby. But, there are some other hotels in the world that just leave you with your mouth open! These are some of the strangest, beautiful, bucket list type hotels in the world.

#1. The Ice Hotel 

Not a big fan of winter, but this would be awesome to stay at just once in my life. Ice hotel in Sweden

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. This is the first and largest ice hotel in the world. Its made up of snow and ice and is rebuilt every winter because it eventually melts into the Torne River. Looking at the pictures alone is breathtaking, I can’t imagine actually staying in one!

#2. Tropical Paradise

Maui, Hawaii. For those that don’t enjoy the chilly weather, there is always the option of going to a tropical paradise! At TheWestin, there is this amazing water slide along with the beautiful view. I could already feel my skin soaking up the sun and screaming my head off as I go down the water slide!

#3. Igloos!

Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland. A glass igloo that allows you to watch the Aurora Borealis (aka. Northern Lights)

Saariselkä, Finland. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort looks absolutely stunning! Going to sleep and waking up to the Northern Lights in an igloo has to be the best thing in the world. On their website they have a section for “WINTER” and if you hover over it you see that they offer reindeer safaris, husky safaris, and aurora hunting!

#4. Palacio de Sal

Palacio de Sal (Uyuni, Bolivia)


Salar de Uyuni, Uyuni, Potosí, Bolivia. An entire hotel built from salt. Its made up of one million cubes of salt!!! Creating something like this takes talent, I’m amazed that something like this can even exist.

#5. Caves!

Turkey. The Cappadocia Hotels are laid out throughout Turkey and there is a selection of luxurious, historical, or charming types of hotels. I’ve never visited Turkey, but when I do I know where I’m sleeping! Staying in a cave would definitely remind me of the Flintstones!

These are just a few of the unusual hotels in the world. I can’t wait to visit all of these soon and cross them off my bucket list!

Thrifty Thursdays: Getting Around on a College Student’s Budget


 If you’re like me, you have a hard time staying in one place for too long. The infamous wanderlust reaches out and grabs me every so often and I just need to get away! Fortunately for me, living on the East Coast of the U.S. makes it very easy to “get away” to somewhere very different without actually going too far. From New York City where I am usually based, it is about a 4-5 hour drive radius to some major, and majorly fun, cities that won’t drain your wallet for a weekend getaway. Here are a few tips on how to take a few East Coast weekend trips without breaking the bank.


Believe in the bus!

For some reason, it seems that the bus can get a bad rap at times but I would wholeheartedly disagree. Bus lines such as BoltBus, MegaBus, and LuckyStar have affordable deals for trips all along the East Coast, but specializing in the DC, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston areas. If you’re quick, you can snag a ticket on some of these lines for a dollar (with hushed processing fees of course). The buses often come with outlets and Wifi, and are pretty comfortable. A personal tip would be to take them at off-hours of the day so that you can avoid some horrendous traffic…believe me, as a college student trying to get from Boston to New York the day before Thanksgiving, I’ve been there.


Try to stay with friends when you can

I have found that since beginning college, my network of friends around the country has grown ten-fold. This happens to be very helpful when traveling, in that I can usually find a free place to stay. By not being picky in your arrangements, often times it’s the couch or a sleeping bag, you open yourself up to saving money on lodging. And besides, it’s often times more fun to stay with friends as opposed to a hostel or hotel. This past week for example, I was headed to Philadelphia from New York for two days for a concert. Over that time, I was able to meet up with four different friends who housed me and also showed me the coolest sights to see in Philly…a two-for!


Do your research ahead of time

            Thanks to blogs like TeenTravelTalk and others, it’s easy to find personal suggestions of what to do in various locations around the U.S. and the world. I’ve found that when I go to a new place with a plan, I am bound to spend less money than if I simply showed up plan-less. By researching free events and activities ahead of time, you are naturally less likely to have to resort to expensive ways to spend your time. (What a better place to check than Thrifty Thursdays blogs!)


These are only a few of the many ways to cut costs when taking weekend and day trips along the East Coast and even beyond. While hitchhiking may not be the way to go these days, transportation doesn’t have to cost a lot and neither does fun! Outdoor adventures, free events, the sky’s the limit to amount of fun one can have while also trying to save some cash.

No More Summer Blues


Hello there! My name is Kelsey and I live in a small town in Southern Kentucky. I’ve been traveling since I was a toddler and I adore it. However, not having the resources to travel far and wide whenever I please, I instead like to find alternatives that give me a similar thrill. For example, just one week into summer a friend and I decided that our summer was already a bore. The next day we made plans to wake up early, play soccer, and get a late breakfast. That wasn’t enough so on a whim we decided to drive up to the nearest city to hang out at the mall, eat frozen yogurt, and then finish the day off by roller skating. The total cost of that trip was no more than $20 between the both of us plus gas money!

How? You might ask.

Well it’s easier than you may think! Once in the city, we went to the mall and just had fun walking around and spending time together. We also took advantage of the free cosmetic samples malls like to hand out. After that, we went to a frozen yogurt shop that lets you sample as many flavors (and almost as much) as you want! The best part is, if you only wanted $1 worth of frozen yogurt they would do that for you! Anyway, after getting some frozen yogurt we left to go roller skating and on that day it only cost us $2 admission per person.

It might not sound like much but I truly felt like we seized the day. Traveling doesn’t have to be extravagant. A simple day trip by yourself or with friends can do the trick and honestly, in some ways it can be just as invigorating as a trip to somewhere exotic. So all I have left to say is:


 How will you carpe diem (seize the day)?

The Exploratorium!


San Francisco has so much to offer, its impossible to do it all in one trip. I’ve already talked about Fisherman’s Wharf, a very popular touristic place to go, but there are so many other things on the piers like on Pier 15/17.




The Exploratorium is an amazing museum filled with interactive exhibits. There are fun filled activities and projects that help teach kids (this isn’t all for kids, I’ve seen adults that had lots of fun playing with the stations, not to mention myself) about astronomy, our planet, the human body, culture, etc. using their five senses. This place is perfect for those days when you are trying to escape the rare heat of the sun or the chilly weather in San Francisco.



My favorite part of the whole museum was this spinning chair. There was a little plaque next to the chair that stated that you are less dizzy when your head is down than head up. All you had to do was sit in the chair and press the button to start spinning and keep your head down and then try it with your head up. You notice the difference right away!



This was my sister’s favorite exhibit. It’s a toilet water fountain. Psychologically, for a lot of people it is nearly impossible for them to drink out of this toilet, not for the little kids though. We all took turns drinking out of this toilet fountain.



The “Mood Lighting” , as we call it, was interesting. Does color really affect your mood? While the colors change on this bulb you feel different with each color. It really does work!

For more information on tickets and other exhibits, be sure to check out the Exploratorium’s official website. This is one of my favorite museums in San Francisco. I love how interactive it is because at most museums you aren’t allowed to touch anything, but this one is made for you to discover at your own fingertips. I can’t wait to go back and check out the new exhibits!


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