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Have you noticed there’s no other place for teenagers to talk about travel?

Here you can read what other teenagers have to say about travel – from day trips to journeys abroad, shopping, eating, coasting, and other activities on vacation. Also, parents can read what teenagers like and dislike about family vacations and destinations so that they can plan a family trip that YOU will enjoy.


Teen Travel Talk is also interested in YOUR travel experiences. If you want to become a paid blogger and publish your travel stories on Teen Travel Talk, click “contact us” on the left hand side, fill out your contact information and tell us why you’d be a great teen travel blogger.


Souvenirs Galore!


You’re on vacation and don’t know what to get yourself at a gift shop. There’s a million options just staring at you. You’re also pressured for time because you want to explore your destination some more. What to get?

Typically when my family and I go places we always get a magnet from wherever we go. This is something that is small enough to fit anywhere in our luggage and easy to carry.



Another option for those who aren’t really into magnets are key chains. These are especially great when you have to get gifts for family members or friends since they are less expensive than most of the other merchandise and aren’t bulky.



Sometimes if we have enough room in our luggage, we buy some neat souvenirs. They differ from little models or photo frames.



One of my favorite and inexpensive souvenir you can get is a pressed penny. It tends to cost 51 cents. You can’t beat that! These are just a couple of what we have:



For souvenirs you can also have photos taken from your trip and made into a scrapbook or digital photo book. There are lots of deals that you can get from and, among others, to get a digital photo book. This is an awesome gift for your parents if you went on a trip with them so they could look back at the memories. You could also purchase clothing items, accessories, or bags. For a theme park souvenir you could purchase or make an autograph book if you like to see the characters. If you are at Disneyland or Disney World you could collect pins and those would be great keepsakes. For more local things like concerts, museums, etc. you should keep your ticket stubs. This is a good keepsake to have in a scrapbook or journal about what you did that day.

Clearly, there are lots of options when it comes to trying to figure out what to choose as a souvenir. These are just a few of my favorite keepsake items. It’s cool to have a momento or souvenir from trips, so that when you glance at them you could remember what did you do and who were you with.

Bizarro or Batman? Which ride is the best?


  • Adrenaline pumping as you majestically corkscrew through the air. Momentum taking over as you glide down the colorful track. Loud shreiks whailing at the top of your lungs. It’s that time of year again: coaster season! The next half year is rollercoaster season and to kick things off, I’m going to focus on the best theme park on the northern East Coast: Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. Six Flags has a great load of thrillers, but to start off, here are two great choices.

Bizarro, the great super villain which first appeared to be a “mirror” of Superman by DC Comics, is challenging you to take him on at this theme park. In this attraction, please note to tie your shoes as tight as a ribbon because there is no floor under you. Next, you have to be aware of sudden changes in direction because in this roide, you go upside down, side ways and down. Bizarro even unleashes his harmful fire on you (fire does not actually touch you, but be aware of sudden increases of temperatue when it occurs)! Finally, watch out for corkscrews and smile for the camera!


The alleys of Gotham City are lurking with super evil masterminds and there’s only one citizen who can put there plans at halt. He goes by the name of Bruce Wayne, but his superhero name is Batman. at the theme park of Six Flags Great Adventure, Batman soars through the sky with  gut-grinding corkscrews and inversions that will leave you hanging. This ride, like Bizarro, is a coaster without floors which leave your feet dangling in the air like a struggling person who is on the edge of a cliff. In this attraction, Batman does many corkscrews, so beware for them because they are just around the corner. Unlike Bizarro, flames are not unleashed upon the citizens whos luck was seized right out of their palms. If I had one concern for the average citizen on the Batman ride is that there are a lot of flips and the first drop may knock the wind right out of you! For Bizarro, I think that you should take precautions for the twist in direction because there are a handful of them. Overall, both these rides get a thumbs-up from me, but were shoes very tightly, or you won’t see your 65 dollar flip-flops ever again.


Yosemite National Park


Yosemite: beautiful scenery, waterfalls, hiking, camping, nature, deer, bears, birds.

All of these beautiful images and memories come to mind when I think of Yosemite. Since I could remember we’ve always gone camping either to Big Trees, Caples Lake, or Yosemite. I know camping isn’t for everybody but Yosemite is certainly something that should be explored by everybody–even for a day trip. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

One of my favorite memories include when we saw a deer pass by us. It was the most majestic thing I had ever seen. It was literally a couple of feet away. Of course, these deer are already accustomed to having humans near them so to the deer it seemed like we were normal as were snapping pictures on our camera.



Another one of my favorite things are the hikes that lead you to some spectacular views. I wish we would have taken better pictures with our camera, but this is one of the best ones:


I remember that one this particular trip, the steps were difficult to walk up because they are very narrow and it is a steep climb. (You will feel the burn). Make sure to drink lots of water and bring your camera everywhere you go!




Camping was also very enjoyable. I, personally, love to camp and I enjoy hiking. The campgrounds are really just like any other campgrounds around California, but what really makes this National Park particularly special are the hikes and getting a good glimpse at the waterfalls. Yosemite should be on everybody’s travel bucket list.




A good way to end our trip was seeing a rainbow. Yosemite is definitely something you shouldn’t pass up. Next time any of you are in California, take a detour trip to Yosemite for even a couple of hours and you will be amazed.

The Civil Rights Museum


When people make their way to Memphis, Tennessee, they usually plan on a day trip to Graceland, the former residence of Elvis. But in reality, there is so much more to Memphis than that. I could go on and on about the restaurants, as you probably know from my many posts on food, but there are also a lot of fun and even meaningful things to do in Memphis. One of the places that you need to visit when in Memphis is the Civil Rights Museum.


The museum is located in the Lorraine Hotel, the location where Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated. The museum was recently renovated and re-opened after a year of being closed. On April 5th, it reopened with even more powerful and even interactive exhibits.

The museum is a moving, enlightening, inspiring, and humbling experience. Each exhibit immerses visitors in the story of the oppression of Black Americans, and their struggle for equality. Their permanent exhibits include ‘A Culture of Resistance: Slavery in America’, ‘Standing Up By Sitting Down: Student Sit-Ins 1960′, ‘The Year They Walked: Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955-1956′, ‘We Are Prepared To Die: Freedom Rides 1961′, and ‘What Do We Want?: Black Power’.

Exhibitions on the ‘rise of Jim Crow’, King’s last hours, the march on Washington, and many others are also currently found in the museum.

Many of the exhibits are artistic, incredibly interactive, and are a multimedia experience, like ‘The Children Shall Lead Them: Birmingham 1963′. This exhibit is in a jail cell, where audio of Dr. Martin Luther King is played reading from his famous ‘Letter From a Birmingham Jail’. The wall is covered with the global media coverage of the campaign, concluding with John F. Kennedy calling a civil rights bill to be passed. This multimedia immersion is common in the exhibits at the museum. 40 new films are included in these renovated, interactive exhibits.

The room where King stayed in his last days in the only part of the hotel that has been left unchanged.

There’s a lot to say about the museum, with its artifacts, recordings, and the way you are consumed by the reality of racism and oppression, and the fight for equality, but I can only urge people to make their way to the museum. This museum is enough reason to come to Memphis.

For information on visiting the museum:


Hancock Shaker Village In The Heart Of The Berkshires


I love The Berkshires. It isn’t just about the region’s stunning scenery and outdoor recreation; there is so much to see and do when it comes to music, the arts, and history too. One of the most unique attractions in the area is the Hancock Shaker Village, which is a living history museum that was once home to more than 300 Shakers in its heyday. The village opens for the season this Saturday, April 12th, and will start off with a cute 3-week celebration of their baby animals, who are the newest additions to their working farm. Tourists lucky enough to make it there will go to the famous Round Stone Barn to see the Village’s piglets, chicks, calves and lambs at their best. This notable building has been around since 1826, and its circular shape is more than just visually appealing; farm workers have always benefited from its functionality. The guided tour explains how and why the Round Stone Barn continues to work well today.

Round Stone Barn

For those who won’t be able to see the baby animals in all of their glory, you will still be able visit some of them and explore the rest of this incredible historical site, which is nestled on 750 beautiful acres. The village is not only home to a working farm; it also has 20 historic Shaker buildings, a store, a café, the Center for Shaker Studies, and various galleries and exhibits that the whole family can explore and enjoy. I love how the Hancock Shaker Village draws people in with its celebration of Shaker history in the Berkshires’ natural landscape. The site demonstrates how the faith’s core values of equality between men and women, pacifism, and smart agriculture made lasting impacts on American society; it really is one of the best tourist attractions to connect colonial history with today in the country.


Hancock Shaker Village is located in the heart of the Berkshires in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, which is rated as the area’s most popular destination on Because there is a working farm on the property, no pets are allowed. It only takes anywhere between two to three hours to get there by car from the New York City metropolitan area, so consider staying more than just one day to discover the best of what the region has to offer. The Hancock Shaker Village is a great place to start.

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