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Have you noticed there’s no other place for teenagers to talk about travel?

Here you can read what other teenagers have to say about travel – from day trips to journeys abroad, shopping, eating, coasting, and other activities on vacation. Also, parents can read what teenagers like and dislike about family vacations and destinations so that they can plan a family trip that YOU will enjoy.


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Paddle Boating On Bear Mountain


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Bear Mountain New York is a great place to make a day trip whether with family or friends. Bear Mountain entertains many families with its affordable prices and beautiful scenery. For less than $20, you can paddle boat on their lake for an hour. Even if the water is not warm, you are still able to take the boats out, and can admire the leaves changing this time of year. Along with Paddle Boating, you can also bring a picnic lunch, or grill with the many grills placed all around the lake. You can also bring your bikes and ride around the lake or put on your sneakers and hike the trails of bear mountain. There are also many recreational fields for people to enjoy many different sports. I encourage you to take the drive out to bear mountain, because for a very low price, you can have a full days worth of fun!

Kayaking and Rafting While its still Warm!




Even though it is the end of September, the weather is still warm enough to get a good beach day or a rafting trip in! Over this past weekend, I took a trip to French town Nj to go white water rafting with a few friends. We were expecting the water to be really cold, but it was in the 80′s, so the water felt great! If you do not want to get wet on your river adventure, you can always rent a kayak where you will stay dry. This is a great time of year to get out on the water while the leaves are changing. There are many benefits to heading out during this season to raft, but the best advantage is there are less people there, giving you better prices and less of a wait to get to the bus that drives you to the river from the parking lot. If you get a chance to head out to the Delaware river, you will have your choice of companies to choose from. I have always used NJ River Rafting because there is a floating bbq at the halfway point of the river where lunch is included. Prices vary depending on the season, but you will get about 4 hours of entertainment for about $25 a person.

Apple Picking in Warwick NY


Taken in Warwick NY on September 27, 2014

Taken in Warwick NY on September 27, 2014

Fall is a great time of year to get outside and spend time with family. There are so many things to do that are affordable and family friendly. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is head up to Warwick New York and go apple picking. Warwick is home to some of the best farms in the North East, and it is worth the trip. Apple picking is usually priced around $20-$25 for a bag to fill up with all the different apple choices on the orchard. As the season goes on, different types of apples come into season, so you can go anytime from now until it starts to get cold in the end of November. There are a few farms in Warwick that have shops where you can buy some of their products like cider donuts and homemade jam. For families looking to make a whole day out of it, bring a picnic lunch where you can sit with a gorgeous mountain view in the background. Your kids can run around for hours and hours and make memories up on the mountain. For my family, we try to head to Warwick at least once a year. For those looking for specific farm, here is a link to my favorite place!

All-American Summer Fun!


A huge part of being in my family involves BASEBALL! My whole family lives and breathes for the sport. My grandpa has been an Oakland A’s fan since he was probably in his mommy’s tummy and he has passed it on to every single person in his family. For our trips as a family, we usually end up going on the Bart (the bay area’s subway station) and going to a game.

This past time, however, we did something we had never done before. As an anniversary gift, we decided to give my grandparents a whole new experience, with the whole family of course, so we reserved a suite/box! (I’m not really sure what to call the box area, but it was amazing).


As soon we reached our destination, we (all 13 of us!) went up the elevator into our own little (no I shouldn’t say little, BIG) box.

There was a butler/concierge giving us options as to what we wanted to drink and eat. There was a variety of things to eat but a big part of going to a baseball game is going down to the food court and getting the jumbo hot dogs and garlic fries. Yum.


Although I was the only teenager in the group, I still had lots of fun and the best part was the fireworks at the end of the night. Who doesn’t love fireworks?

Whether you are fortunate enough to be in a box seat or be in the midst of all the commotion, everyone should experience what it is like to be at a baseball game. It is the all-american pass time.

Top 3 in Berlin


Ich liebe Berlin! The German capital is so steeped in history and culture that it’s hard to walk around without stopping every minute or two to take a closer look – at the stunning architecture, the amazing art pieces, and even the thought-provoking graffiti on the walls all over the city. To my great misfortune we only spent three days there, and I for one am planning to return – until then, here are the three best things we did while we were in Berlin!

1. The Berlin Wall – East Side Gallery

This is an obvious must-see. It’s both immediately sobering and surprisingly uplifting to see and touch the bricks that separated East and West Berlin throughout the second World War – in a single, breath-taking moment, the monument we’ve all read so much about is truly brought to life. It’s bizarre – and in many ways unsettling – for our everyday, contemporary existence to collide with the past and the history lessons, especially during a period as all-consumingly dark as WWII. You can literally still feel the energy of despair, and sense the deep cultural scars left by its overnight construction on every person in every family in the whole of Berlin, all those years ago. But the diverse variety of bright and beautiful art that covers those same bricks today is a true reminder of hope – guaranteed to have you walking away, smiling, as you glance back for one more look.

"Get Human" - East Side Gallery

“Get Human” – East Side Gallery

2. Five Elephants

One of the city’s better-kept secrets, Five Elephants is something of a hidden gem! A specialty coffee shop located in the hidden nook of a quiet neighbourhood, this marks one of my favourite memories of last summer. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you “The Best Cheesecake In The World”!



Believe me when I say I have experienced my fair share of cheesecakes. I’ve eaten cheesecake in Bali, in London, in New York – I love cheesecake. But this – this fluffy cloud of happiness! This gustatory masterpiece! This edible conceptualisation of all that is right in the world! It’s more than just a cheesecake; it is an experience in itself, to say the least, to be rendered so incandescently happy by a single slice of desert food. If you eat one thing in Berlin, let it be this. (And the coffee’s not bad, either!)

3. Pub Crawl

Easily one of the funniest, most spontaneous ideas we had while we were in Berlin! The drinking age in most of Europe is 18, so unfortunately any younger readers will have to skip this one out – but for all those of legal age, I can’t emphasise enough how entertaining it is to go on a good old-fashioned pub crawl. If you’ve never been on one before, the idea is to meet in a fairly central spot with a bunch of like-minded strangers (also tourists), then go on a walking tour of some of the coolest bars and clubs in the city. For around 12 euros, you get free drinks, some snacks every now and again, and – best of all – a free t-shirt! It is hands down the best way to meet other travellers and make new friends while exploring the city and experiencing its vibrant nightlife. Plus there’s a lot of walking (and dancing) involved, so I’d count it as exercise, too! Don’t forget to drink responsibly, and to keep your wits about you – be safe, and you’ll have one of the best nights of the entire trip!

Matrix Club, Berlin

Matrix Club, Berlin

There is so much more to beautiful Berlin, and I hope you’ll get to experience it all somewhere along your journey – and that you’ll keep these Top 3 tips in mind when you do! Safe travels! Bianca x

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