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Teen Insider Tips on College Visits

SmartCollegeVisit is the educated way to plan your campus visit. Millions of high school students, even many middle school students, and their families journey to college campuses nationwide in search of the best fit for their college career.
And SmartCollegeVisit has teamed up with TeenTravelTalk to provide in inside look at some of the most popular schools in America.

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Summer Travel With Teens
Three of Teen Travel Talk’s teen bloggers make a guest appearance on to chat about traveling with teens during summer vacation and how to make everyone’s trip a success.

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What Vacation? Traveling With the In-Laws

Traveling with your in-laws? Don’t let your trip turn into a nightmare.  Teen Travel Talk’s founder, Luisa Frey, talks with ABC News and weighs in on how to not only survive a trip with your in-laws, but make the most of it for you, and your family.

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Nine Secrets to Surviving Summer Traffic
Week-long traffic delay: Don’t get stuck in nightmare gridlock.

Teen Travel Talk’s founder, Luisa Frey, tells ABC News how travel essentials such as food, water, and an old fashioned map may be far more useful on a family trip than you ever imagined

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